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Florence, 29 November 2020 – On the one hand, the wait for the color to be assigned to Tuscany: orange? Since when? And the yellow, so coveted? While the ballet of dates goes on, on the other front the data on the progress of the contagion from Covid in the region arrives inexorably. On Saturday the new positives were 1.196.

The President of the Region, Eugenio Giani, had anticipated that the new positives are 908 out of 14,376 swabs. But reading the COVID DATA OF TUSCANY OF SUNDAY 29 NOVEMBER reserves for the three positive news such as the slight decrease in hospitalizations, the drop in the positive / tampon ratio, the large number of recoveries.

Giani: “Tuscany returns to the orange zone on December 4th”

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Depression increases with the virus

Professor Fagiolini, professor and director of psychiatry at the Scotte di Siena, explains the correlation between Covid and depression. HERE THE ARTICLE

He lost his father (doctor) to Covid, his daughter doctor speaks

Yesterday he said goodbye to his father Nazzareno, an esteemed doctor. The daughter Chiara Catalano, a hospital doctor, tells our newspaper: “Be careful, it’s a virus that kills”. HERE THE ARTICLE

The mayor’s appeal: “Don’t minimize”

“Don’t minimize it, it’s a terrible virus”: the appeal of the mayor of Montelupo, Masetti, after the huge death in his town. HERE THE ARTICLE

The family doctors’ tent for rapid tests inaugurated in Pistoia

A drive through point run by family doctors to carry out rapid anti-Covid tests was inaugurated this morning in Pistoia. HERE THE ARTICLE

Rapid antigenic swabs, tests also started by family doctors and pediatricians in the territories of the ASL Tuscany center (Florence, Empoli, Pistoia, Prato)

After the agreement signed with the free choice pediatricians, now the agreement at company level has also been reached with family doctors. HERE THE ARTICLE

Ars: ‘In Tuscany the peak of admissions exceeded but the number of deaths is growing’

The report of the Regional Health Agency (Ars): “During the last week there were an average of 56 deaths every day, compared to about 30 daily deaths at the peak of March-April”. HERE THE ARTICLE

Giani anticipates the data of November 28th

The new positive cases recorded in the last 24 hours in Tuscany are 1,196 out of 16,371 molecular swabs and 3,539 rapid tests performed. This is what the president of Tuscany Eugenio Giani announces on his Facebook profile. The post is accompanied, as has already happened in recent days, by a photo of health workers. Today the protagonist is staff from the Lucca hospital, «women and men in intensive care», Giani writes. who “work hard day and night to save lives, to allow each of us to embrace our affections. We must resist, all together ».

Movements between municipalities, new ordinance in Tuscany

In the order, Giani specifies that “the movements must be self-certified indicating all the elements necessary for the relative verification”. HERE THE ARTICLE

Assault on free masks in Lucca

Queues, controversies and a real assault on the Foro Boario di Lucca for the delivery of free masks. HERE THE ARTICLE

The Siena project: bracelets to treat patients at home

Bracelets that transmit the patient’s data to the doctors, so that he can stay at home instead of in the hospital. The first three in Siena have already been activated. HERE THE ARTICLE

New outbreak in an RSA in the Siena area

In Chianciano Terme, a Covid outbreak was identified in a private RSA, where half of the guests and operators tested positive for the coronavirus. HERE THE ARTICLE

“In Tuscany there is no overload of intensive care”

In 5 regions there is no overload beyond the critical threshold of 30% of the Covid beds occupied for intensive care. These are Basilicata, Calabria, Molise, Sicily, Veneto. In 7 regions, however, there is no overload beyond the critical threshold of 40% for Covid beds occupied in the medical area: Basilicata, Molise, PA Bolzano, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Veneto. The draft of the Iss-minstero monitoring relative to the week 16-22 November.



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