Covid, Sicily in the orange zone from 24 January 2022

As already anticipated for days, Sicily will become the orange zone from Monday. In fact, the island has exceeded all three parameters that determine the color change: in the last week the incidence was 1,169.4 new cases per hundred thousand inhabitants (threshold of 250), the occupation of ordinary departments has risen to 36.6% (the ceiling is 30), that of intensive care at 20.2 (ceiling of 20%). But if nothing changes for those who have the super green pass (the vaccinated), more restrictions will come instead for the unvaccinated who will not be able to move from their municipality if not for proven work, necessity or health needs. And in Sicily there are about 560 thousand.

Four new regions in the orange zone

There are therefore four Regions that exceed the thresholds of the parameters that open to the transition from the yellow to the orange zone: Abruzzo, Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sicily. Valle d’Aosta avoids the red zone. Puglia and Sardinia go yellow. The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in the light of the weekly monitoring data, signed the new ordinance.

What is allowed What is prohibited in the orange and yellow zone – the table

Sicily in orange, what changes

If there is no longer a difference between the yellow and white areas, in the orange and red areas that things really change. With the new decree-law of December 29, from January 10, the obligation of a super green pass for access to the vast majority of activities is also applied to the white and yellow area, except in two specific cases: access to shops in shopping centers on holidays and days before holidays (excluding food, newsstands, bookstores, pharmacies and tobacconists) and access to the changing rooms.

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In the orange zone, however, travel from one’s own municipality with over 5,000 inhabitants with its own vehicle to other municipalities or outside the borders of the Region / PA requires a simple green pass, or for reasons of work, necessity, health, or for services that are not suspended but not available. in your municipality. On the other hand, there is no movement limit in the yellow zone.

We remind you that from February 1st the legislation introduced by the last green pass decree will take effect on January 5th which – establishing the vaccination obligation for the over 50s – also detailed where the super green pass will not be required and the few activities exempted from requesting the basic green pass for access.

The reactions

“The orange zone contributes to making the present and future scenario even more uncertain, an issue that is anything but secondary for entrepreneurs who have to organize their business and decide in time if, how and how much to invest”. This was stated by the president of Confcommercio Palermo, Patrizia Di Dio, after the passage of Sicily in the orange zone. “It is clear that this uncertainty creates a deleterious psychological effect not only on entrepreneurs but also on citizens who are afraid, who are certainly not encouraged to leave home. This climate does not encourage consumption and does not allow us to overcome a crisis that lasts for two years already and which is wearing down the resistance of those who have had to perform real miracles to keep their business running. To the nth negative announcement, today orange and tomorrow who knows, what guarantees do we have from a system of political government of the health and economic crisis, whose predictable planning – concludes Di Dio – and the consequent effectiveness was not up to the expectations and resources spent, and sometimes wasted? “

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