Covid plays and smoked in front of the ICU, claims about Miroslav Etzler. The actor reacts harshly

Unvaccinated actor Miroslav Etzler, who has been battling the covid-19 intensive care unit since last week, has sharply opposed social media speculation. Some people have written about the star of the series The Surgery in the Rose Garden and The Happiness Insurance Company that they are just pretending to get sick for money. Others reportedly saw him smoking before entering the hospital.

Etzler’s hospitalization caught the attention of opponents of the vaccine and disseminators of misinformation. The actor, who has suffered from asthma since his youth, is spreading information on social networks that he is not really sick and that the strong covid-19 is only pretending.

“I would like to defend against the attacks for the last time, that I am paid for these stories! That my condition is acting. And now there is a new outrage that I may have smoked before joining the ICU,” he was angry at the instagram.

Although the number of false contributions is enormous, Etzler does not intend to defend himself other than by refuting them.

“Never, I repeat, I have not been vaccinated by the refuse. I just put it off very foolishly and I consider it a gross bad mistake. Because of the doctors, my family and loved ones. I am and will be very grateful for the covid department at the hospital in Česká Lípa, with all those angels headed by doctors and the headmaster, Jan Novák. I apologize to them and thank them from the bottom of my heart, “he pours ashes on his head.

The actor’s poor health is also busy due to the statements of his brother, the well-known journalist Tomáš Etzler. He wrote on Twitter in October that “the unvaccinated are not dying fast enough”, and garnered uncompromising criticism. He even faces a criminal complaint.

He didn’t take napkins even after his younger brother ended up in the hospital. “Again, I think people, lifelong asthmatics, should be vaccinated at 56 and shouldn’t be ruthless selfish people, especially when they’re the fathers of a little boy.” wrote.

Miroslav Etzler tries to act amicably and is aware that the postponement of vaccination is really sorry. “I have a hard time reconciling myself. I don’t have the strength to answer, write anything, but please: not falsely. I wish you all a lot of strength and health, and if you are not vaccinated, consider it,” he concluded.

Check out TV Nova’s report on Etzler’s hospitalization:



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