Covid, over 8 thousand people already vaccinated in Italy | The Ema: AstraZeneca late

The distribution in the first phase entrusted to the army“The first phase of vaccine distribution is dealt with by the army – explains the Minister of Transport, Paola De Micheli -. Then there will be a second phase, when the number of vaccines will be much more consistent and other vaccines will also be certified, at that time. point there will be an intervention of all the Italian private logistics that is ready “.

Over 94 thousand doses to Lombardy Lombardy will receive most of the doses of the first batch of 469,950 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, where 94,770 doses are expected to arrive immediately, announces the Councilor for Welfare of the Region, Giulio Gallera. Among the other Regions in which substantial loads are expected are Lazio (44 thousand), Piedmont (40 thousand), Veneto (38 thousand) and Liguria (16 thousand).

Times are getting longer in some regions And in some Regions the times for the arrival of the cargo have been further extended, which are still slipping. In Sardinia the stocks will arrive in Cagliari on December 31st, while in Campania most of the 35,000 vaccines will arrive from the next few hours until January 2nd.

For each vial 6 doses and not 5 In the meantime, given the indications received from the Italian drug agency, from each vial of Pfizer-Biontech anti-Covid vaccine it will be possible to obtain 6 doses and not 5. The dose of vaccine for each person is 0.3 mm, which must be withdrawn under aseptic conditions and using appropriate precision syringes, from a vial of vaccine containing 2.25 mm, after the intended dilution with 0.9% sodium chloride solution. In this way, explains the Italian Hospital Pharmacy Society, “with a thousand vials, 6 thousand people can be treated instead of 5 thousand”.

Gyms and swimming pools, hypothesis to reopen by the end of January By the end of January, in the meantime, it will be possible “albeit with some limitations, to reopen gyms, swimming pools and dance centers”. The Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, is convinced of this. The Bioethics Committee recommends caution on this issue.

In the US, the peak is “out of control” The pandemic, however, is not loosening its grip. In the United States, the peak is even “out of control”, warns the first virologist Anthony Fauci. And in Colorado, the first case of the English variant was identified. In Europe, Great Britain is the most affected by Covid and the government is preparing for a further crackdown on travel, as is France. Although the Minister of Health assures that there will be no new lockdown. Curfew will probably be brought forward (from 20 to 18) in the French regions with more infections.

Israel, already half a million vaccinated While alarming revelations arrive from China on how much the infections have been underestimated in Wuhan, where it all began. In the first Covid epicenter, the infections could have been even 10 times more than those recorded: 500 thousand, instead of the 50 thousand officials, according to a study by the Chinese Center for Desease Control. In the rest of the world, the increase in cases in Israel continues to worry, despite the third lockdown, even if half a million have already been vaccinated.


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