COVID outbreak in eight rages in one day, rises to 8

Atmosphere of travel to detect COVID-19 At the Chaturamuk Pavilion (Thai Pavilion) in front of the Chachoengsao City Hall of the people of Chachoengsao Province, according to the announcement of the Chachoengsao Provincial Public Health Office asking those who are at high risk Or traveling to shop and buy products Inside the famous department store in the area of ​​three intersections, municipal school 2, along Sirisothon Road (314), Muang District, Chachoengsao Province, between 5-8 Jan ’64, traveled to check for infection

Because they are at risk of contracting COVID-19 From the second wave of outbreaks, this time, there were cases of infected people traveling from pub-pubs in Bang Na, Bangkok, coming to work inside the department store and causing more people to be infected from inside the mall. A large number of up to 3 people and then the latest today, people have come to request a test for infection up to 2 times from yesterday, or as many as 400 people from the original yesterday. Detection of only more than 200 infections

At the same time today The COVID-19 Operation Center in Chachoengsao Province has published information on the situation of COVID-19 daily on January 14, ’64 that today the number of people infected has never increased. Appeared before up to 8 cases in a day As a result, the accumulation of patients from the outbreak of 2 after the disease immediately increased to 26 from only 18, with 9 people who have been completely cured and 17 are still undergoing treatment. No one has died from this outbreak.

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