Covid, now there is a war in Sicilian healthcare, La Rocca accuses the managers: “They did nothing”

The general manager: «There are those who have produced false medical records so as not to empty the departments. Some doctors do not want to deal with coronavirus patients “

Words even more disruptive than those spoken in the chat with Sicilian healthcare managers. Mario La Rocca, the general manager of strategic planning of the Department of Health raises and accuses the doctors who “do not want to deal with covid cases” to the point of “writing medical records with invented diagnoses so as not to empty some departments”. Words that do not throw water on the fire of the controversy that has flared up after La Sicilia and have broadcast its chat audios on Whatsapp and that indeed add fuel to the fire.

“In order not to empty some departments, to allocate beds to Covid patients, there are those who wrote invented diagnoses in the medical records, I remember one that spoke of tuberculosis, but it was not true” La Rocca told ANSA speaking also of “obstruction” by some doctors to prevent the activation of places for coronavirus patients and general managers of hospitals “unable” to apply the Musumeci government’s plan to increase places.

“While I was at home for Covid – he said – I noticed that some hospital managers had done nothing for three weeks, yet they should have applied the Region’s plan for the activation of beds for Coronavirus patients. On November 4th I sent those audios in the chat, two days later, having the negative swab, I went around some hospitals in Palermo, I found 100 places in one day “he added.

On the audio of the chat with words that most seemed pressured to declare more places than there were in view of the government’s judgment on which area to assign to Sicily (then it will be orange, but hopefully yellow) La Rocca does not take a step back : “I was pissed off: I told the hospital and ASP managers that they had to apply the Region’s plan by allocating beds to Covid patients but they didn’t, they didn’t have the attributes to impose themselves on some doctors: because the truth is that there are doctors who they are sacrificing by giving their souls in this emergency and there are those who, on the other hand, do not want to take care of these patients in order to continue to manage patients in intramoenia ».

La Rocca is a river in flood: «When I went to the Cervello hospital in Palermo, I saw that in the pediatric emergency room there was only one girl doing her homework. I found that there were 6-7 accesses a day in this ward which was separated only by a door from the Covid area: from there I received the desperate cries for help from Covid patients. That morning the staff had asked for overtime and did not want to move to the ward while there was someone in need. There was therefore the possibility of finding Covid beds there but everything was still ». The pediatric emergency room was then destined for Covid, the small patients sorted to the Children’s hospital.


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