Covid, new Dpcm: stop at private parties and soccer, clubs closed at midnight

Private parties prohibited and banquets for up to 30 people, closing of bars and restaurants at midnight e from 21 no parking in front of the premises.

Stop al soccer and to all contact sports at an amateur level. But also interventions to make the pad system. The government moves on this in view of the new Dpcm which could be signed as early as Monday, 12 October.

With a novelty: the prohibitions could concern even meetings in homes.

On the eve of the meeting of the Technical-Scientific Committee called urgently for 3 pm on Sunday, the decree is finalized without neglecting the public transport where the rules on the maximum occupancy of 80% continue to be violated in many cases. The executive will follow the trend of the infections by foreseeing possible new closures in the face of a possible further surge and above all if the intensive care departments should go into trouble, which continue to be the primary element for assessing the circulation and aggressiveness of the COVID-19. However, keeping in mind the increase in hospitalizations in the wards of many hospitals.

Isolation after ten days

In many hospitals the wait to undergo the molecular swabhas now passed the 10 ore. The technical-scientific committee coordinated by Agostino Miozzo could suggest a green light for rapid tests (believed to be 95% reliable) made by general practitioners and pediatricians, then subjecting to the swab only those who test positive. In this way, according to experts, the health structures would be lightened and the mechanism that leads people into fiduciary isolation would be made more rational. What would be reduced to ten days.

Closing of the premises at 24

The squeeze should also apply to the closing times of bars and restaurants: all at 24. There have been on this in recent days resistance from both trade associations and governors, but the government seems determined to proceed, believing that this is a useful measure to lower the possibility of contagion, without significantly affecting economic performance.

No private parties

At the banquets later weddings and baptisms will be able to participate in the maximum 30 people. A choice that will inevitably affect the events already planned. It goes towards the ban on all private parties and this will concern, for the first time, even the meetings organized in the houses. A rule that aims to prevent contacts between non-cohabiting people, since it is not possible to guarantee the mandatory use of the mask. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had already spoken of this when he recommended covering your nose and mouth even when you are in your home with elderly people or people suffering from pathologies.

Five-a-side football and amateur sports

The members of the Technical-scientific committee calling for a limitation e the government is considering banning soccer, basketball and other amateur contact sports. A measure that at the moment does not concern the professional level even if it could turn into a precedent if the epidemiological curve were to continue to rise.

Public transport

U could arrive tomorrown loosening for high-speed trains with the ability to go over 50% expected now, but on buses and subways, a strengthening of the controls will be urged to enforce the rules while maintaining the distance for both those who are seated and those who travel standing.

Lo smart working

Confirmed the recommendation to companies for incentivize smart working to limit contacts between people in offices where the use of the mask is in force, albeit following the guidelines for the various types of activities and providing for an exclusion only for those in the room alone.

October 10, 2020 (change October 11, 2020 | 00:33)



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