Covid, Musumeci to Conte: “red” Sicily for two weeks. “If Rome does not intervene, I will intervene”

The die is cast: if the national government does not declare the red zone in Sicily for two weeks, the governor Musumeci will do so, but only in the municipalities where the contagion is out of control. This was announced by the president of the Nello Musumeci Region, after the State-Regions meeting in which the guidelines of the next national dpcm in force from January 16 were illustrated: “In light of the increase in infections, which has further progressed compared to the last week, we submitted to the central government the proposal to declare the “red zone” in Sicily for two weeks ”.

The application will be evaluated in the control room called for tomorrow in Rome. But Musumeci also prepares plan B: “If our request is not accepted, tomorrow I will prudently proceed with my ordinance to apply the limitations provided for the” red zones “in all the regional areas with the highest incidence of contagion, as requested by numerous mayors “.

The president is pressing for the national government to take such a penalizing decision for some categories: “We must avoid postponing inevitable measures forcing us to remain closed when the rest of Italy reopens.” Central is the crux of the refreshments for entrepreneurs forced to lower the shutters: “We trust in the refreshment points repeatedly requested together with other regional presidents in the central government and, above all, in the respectful behavior of the citizens. A minority must not affect the social and economic life of our community ”, concluded Musumeci live on Facebook. Meanwhile, the assembly of the mayors of Anci will begin at 7.30 pm.


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