Covid: Johnson defends tight post lockdown in GB – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – LONDON, NOV 26 – The restrictions intended to remain in force initially in almost all of England, for almost 55 million inhabitants of the United Kingdom, even after the end of the national lockdown that expires on December 2, are ” balance point “in the face of a threat, that of the coronavirus, which has not yet been overcome. British Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this tonight, reappearing in person after two weeks of precautionary isolation at a Downing Street briefing on the pandemic.

“Losing control” now, he warned, would also mean endangering the relaxation of the squeeze on family reunions promised for 5 days at Christmas and above all “frustrating the sacrifices” of these weeks and risking the prospect of “another general lockdown at the beginning of the new year “. (HANDLE).



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