Covid: here is the list of things that from now on we will not do anymore

Covid has changed lifestyles, habits, ways of doing and personal inclinations, so much so that the prestigious New York Times has decided to collect in an article all those things that once we would have done with carefree and now, instead, almost certainly we will not do anymore. “It is very likely that the changes made so far will still accompany us for a long time and that by now we will have to get used to new behavioral dynamics” he confirms Malia Jones, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But what are the gestures that the pandemic will wipe out, perhaps forever, from our daily lives?

Blow out the candles

Among the most convivial and festive habits, loved above all by the little ones, there is certainly that of blow out the candles on the birthday cake, often surrounded by friends and family. This gesture, as well as the traditional song “happy birthday” in front of the birthday boy, favors the spread in the air of droplets which, in infected people, contain and transmit Sars-CoV-2.

Use testers in perfumeries

Better a bright lipstick or a nude one? Often, to choose a make-up product in perfumery and in shops dedicated to cosmetics, i tester made available to customers. This trend, unfortunately, will definitively disappear to prevent people from touching the same samples with their hands, a dangerous vehicle for the new Coronavirus. To remedy this problem, there are already those who are thinking of putting single-use and disposable testers on the market.

Leave the children in the ball pit

It is now certain that the virus remains on surfaces with which it comes into contact, although the scientific community does not agree on the length of stay. In light of this evidence, specialists always recommend applying scrupulous hand hygiene, especially after touching objects and materials available to everyone. For this reason, for example, mothers and fathers will give up letting their children splash around in the famous ball pit, present at the entrance of many shopping centers and restaurants. These toys, which for obvious reasons cannot be sanitized each time they are used, could carry Sars-CoV-2.

Sharing dessert with someone or drinking from the same glass

Among the habits of which, due to Covid, it will necessarily be necessary to do without there are that of share the dessert with another diner e drink from the same glass, albeit with two different straws. No more buffets, then, for aperitif lovers: going to the bar counter to stock up on chips, olives and peanuts made available to all customers, is already a distant memory. To comply with the ani-Covid regulations, in fact, many managers of clubs and restaurants have equipped themselves to give each person a saucer with a personal portion of snacks.

Kissing on the cheeks or shaking hands to greet each other

I two kisses on the cheek and the cordial handshake, which Italians have always used for intimate or more formal greetings, have already been supplanted by the funny move elbow-to-elbow or from the even colder waving of the hand, strictly at a distance. Even with infants and children the attitude changes: if before we stopped at caress little hands and feet oa make a “pat” on their cheeks, as a sign of tenderness and confidence, it would now be better to avoid any kind of contact.

Biting your nails

In this period who has a tendency to biting your nails it could be incentivized not to do it again. One of the most important recommendations, in fact, is to never put your hands to your mouth, especially if you have not cleaned them shortly before. Did you know that nail biting is a nervous tic? Click here to find out more

Cramming into an elevator

How many times, before the pandemic broke out, did you shout “Come, let’s huddle!” who was trying to sneak into an already quite crowded elevator? Apart from the fact that today no one would exclaim this kind of phrases, for some months now too in the lifts the entrances are limited, so that people can maintain the so-called social distancing. A precaution: you must always sanitize your hands – with an alcoholic solution or with soap and water – after pressing the button.

Moisten your finger to browse newspapers and magazines

Someone has always done it to facilitate reading. but yet moisten your finger to better browse newspapers and magazines, especially those present in waiting rooms or beauty salons, is precisely one of those gestures that the Covid-19 pandemic will wipe out – almost certainly – forever.

Put the pen in your mouth

In general bring the caps of the pens to the mouth it has never been healthy but in this period it is even less so. Even if it is personal, the pen is placed on desks and sheets and is stored in pen holders and cases, often coming into contact with pathogens.

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