Covid, Fontana: “The government leaves Lombardy in the red zone until December 3” | Toti: “We ask that people not go back to school before January 7”

The outburst of the Lombard governor comes on the sidelines of the meeting between the Regions and the ministers Speranza and Boccia, in view of the new Dpcm. In the current text, explained Fontana, “there are automatisms according to which Lombardy has been fully within the parameters set for the transition to the orange zone for two weeks. I pointed out to the government that, just as automatisms are applied in a negative sense, themselves must be implemented when the situation improves “.

“Hope agrees that Lombardy will turn orange” In the evening, the Lombardy Region said, Fontana had a “frank and direct confrontation with Minister Speranza. We both share that, according to the model of the ‘zones’ prepared by the government, Lombardy has all the requisites to pass from the red one. to the orange one. We are left with the commitment to update ourselves very soon to verify what may really be the right date to ease the restrictive measures in our Region “.

Source united against the reopening of schools in December The Regions also rejected a decided rejection of the hypothesis of reopening schools in December: the governors asked to extend distance learning for high schools until January. We “decided to suggest to the government to postpone any reopening of face-to-face teaching to January 7 for those who are still in distance learning today”, said the president of Liguria Giovanni Toti, vice president of the Conference of the Regions.

For the governors, the reopening in the coming days would be “an inopportune move at this time, especially on the eve of the school holiday break, in the absence of a staggering program of entrances and in the absence of a public service that today provides for a capacity of 50%. and should be retouched “. In short, the main node, in addition to the tracing and staggering of timetables, remains public transport. The line had already been anticipated in the morning not only by Toti himself but also by the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia: “I think it is risky to open the school on December 9th and close immediately after. if possible. Because it all depends on the infection. “

The position of Minister Azzolina For weeks, the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina has been pushing for the reopening. However, today, answering the questions of the students, while confirming that she is working “to bring you back to school as soon as possible”, she warned that “we must be cautious and make choices “. “I have many dreams – he told the students – personal and business dreams, like everyone else. But for now the biggest one is surely to see you all back at the desks as soon as possible. Because it is your right to go back and because school must be our priority “.


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