Covid, Dpcm draft: gyms and swimming pools still closed, ski facilities stopped until April 6

The measures that will come into force starting from 6 March will also be valid at Easter. This is what the draft of the Dpcm sent to the Regions provides. “The provisions of this decree – the text reads – apply from the date of March 6, 2021, replacing those of the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers January 14, 2021, and are effective until April 6, 2021”, the day after Easter Monday.

School in attendance – The school remains in the presence for pupils of infancy, elementary and middle school while for those of high school the teaching is in the presence “at least 50% and up to a maximum of 75%”. This is what the draft of the Dpcm sent to the Regions foresees in the article dedicated to the school. In the text a further measure is introduced: “in order to maintain social distancing, any other form of alternative aggregation is to be excluded”.

Even if you don’t live together at home – The measure – mentioned in the previous document, according to which – is deleted from the draft of the new dpcm
“with regard to private homes, it is strongly recommended not to receive people other than cohabitants, except for work needs or situations of necessity and urgency”. In the draft of the new provision, however, “parties in indoor and outdoor places are prohibited, including those resulting from civil and religious ceremonies”.

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In the red zone closed barbers and hairdressers – Barbers and hairdressers are closed in the red zone. The document reads: “The activities relating to personal services are suspended, other than those identified in Annex 24” where – unlike the previous provision – the services of barber and hairdressing salons are not mentioned.

Cinemas and theaters reopened in the yellow zone from 27 March – Starting from March 27, 2021, the shows open to the public in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas and in other spaces, including outdoors, are carried out with pre-assigned and spaced seats and provided that respect for the distance is in any case ensured interpersonal of at least one meter for both staff and spectators who are not habitually cohabiting.

The curfew remains from 10pm to 5am – Curfew remains until 6 April from 10pm to 5am. “From 22:00 to 5:00 of the following day, only travel motivated by proven work needs, by situations of necessity or for health reasons – reads the text – It is in any case strongly recommended, for the remainder part of the day, not to travel by public or private means of transport, except for work, study, health reasons, situations of need or to carry out activities or use unsuspended services “.

Fairs and discos also closed in the white zone – Fairs, congresses and discos remain closed even in the white zone. “Events that involve gatherings in closed or open spaces, including trade fairs and congresses as well as activities that take place in ballrooms and discos and similar venues, outdoors or indoors, remain suspended – reads the draft – “.

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Technical table set up for the revision-updating of parameters – In order to implement the guidelines provided by the Chambers pursuant to article 2, paragraph 1, of law decree no. 19 of 2020, a technical discussion table has been set up at the Ministry of Health, established by decree of the Minister of Health, composed of representatives of the Ministry of Health, ISS, Regions and Autonomous Provinces upon designation by the President of the Conference of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, as well as a representative of the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies to proceed with any revision or updating of the parameters for the risk assessment.


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