Covid, D’Andrea denounces: “A hole in the training of future doctors due to the health emergency”

“A training hole inherent in the training of medical specialists”: this is the complaint to the Government of Francesco D’Andrea, president of the University College of Plastic Surgeons, who explains: “Medical students, especially postgraduates of the various branches, will have a training hole that will last throughout the Covid emergency and that will lead to the achievement of the diploma without a complete acquisition of specific knowledge for the individual disciplines “.


“The Covid emergency, the measures taken to deal with the spread of the infection and the management of patients – continues D’Andrea – has resulted in an enhancement of assistance exclusively geared to Coronavirus patients at the expense of the assistance of those who are affected from other pathologies. This organization which – in addition to having a general negative impact on the protection of the health of citizens who, if suffering from pathologies that are not serious but still disabling, are forced to turn to a private healthcare system or to enter endless waiting lists – has led to a series of negative consequences on the training of future doctors “.


The importance of training is related to another fundamental theme: the fight against the illegal nature of the profession. D’Andrea has in fact been engaged for two years in an incisive battle to fight against the squatters of the plastic surgeon category, a category not protected by Italian law. On the question D’Andrea has attentive and met with government leaders to try to stem a phenomenon, which creates damage especially to patients who rely on the treatment of false specialists, which sometimes even cause their death.

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«As president of the University College of Plastic Surgeons – says D’Andrea – I report to the competent authorities a critical issue that involves hundreds of medical students, but especially postgraduates. The training of young doctors must inevitably pass through a practical activity, with attendance at wards and operating theaters and direct participation in all assistance activities that concern a specific discipline and not only, as is happening in the Covid era, only those urgent and cancer-related. The limitation currently imposed by the regions, in most of the country, to perform only emergencies and to reconvert the departments that perform elective medicine and surgery into Covid departments, in fact severely penalizes the training offer for pre and post graduate students, concentrating it exclusively for the management of urgent and cancer patients. I therefore believe it is appropriate to consider this criticality and implement corrective measures, such as providing for a percentage of election activities in dedicated spaces or a recovery of the training activity that could not be carried out completely in this emergency phase, going beyond the terms of duration of the individual specialization courses established by law for a period equal to the duration of the current state of emergency », concludes D’Andrea.

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