Covid, Count in the Senate: ‘No to generalized closures, the school will remain in attendance’ – Politics


“I want to underline that in the months following the most acute phase of the pandemic we never let our guard down: Italy was the nation that first decided to close with courage and determination and the most prudent country even in reopening. steps forward we could not and should not consider ourselves in a safe haven, while the contagion in the world multiplied “. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte says this in the Senate.

“We are aware that we ask citizens for sacrifices. Once again we are forced to carry out a painful operation”. This was stated by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, speaking to the Senate. “The principles that move the government today are always the same, those that have allowed us to overcome the situation in the past: maximum precaution, adequacy and proportionality”.

The choices made in recent months “currently allow us to avoid generalized and widespread closures throughout the national territory, to arrive at the arrest of productive and working activities, the closure of schools and public offices “. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said this in the Senate.” The strategy to counter the second wave cannot be the same as in spring: Italy today it is in a different situation than in March: Back then we did not have diagnostic tools, today we are more ready thanks to everyone’s work and sacrifice. I especially thank the men and women of civil protection and Commissioner Arcuri “underlines Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

School activities will continue in the presence: We owe it to the commitment of school administrators, teachers, families and above all to our children who should not be left without an experience as important as school “. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said this, speaking to the Senate.” Only for schools secondary measures are envisaged for flexible hours “.” We are aware that some categories, especially bars and restaurants whose representatives I wanted to meet in the aftermath of the dpcm of 13 October, are asking for further sacrifices: I assure them of my commitment to targeted support. To this end, with the next budget law 2021, the government intends to implement a strategy that does not neglect immediate measures “, said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the Senate.

We must all strive to limit the infection, limit unnecessary travel: if we make these sacrifices we will avoid more burdensome interventions. I am confident that we will have the serenity and commitment necessary to overcome “this moment.

The speech of the premier in the Senate



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