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DFrom May 17 to June 2, Cartagena reported 64 COVID-19 infections. From June 3 to 9, the city added 179 cases, while in the last week, from June 10 to 16, 223 infected with coronavirus were confirmed.

The previous reports of COVID-19, released weekly by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, show a slight spike in infections in the city, as is happening in the rest of the country.

The Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, maintained that “a small peak is insinuated. In fact, last week the number of cases increased and we are seeing that a new subvariant of Ómicron is growing in Colombia, which is B4.” Read here: This is the COVID-19 report from June 10 to 16 in Cartagena

From Cartagena, Ana Margarita Sánchez, operational director of Public Health of the District Administrative Department of Health (Dadis), explained that the city went from reporting 10 daily cases of COVID to almost 30 currently.

This increase in notifications, according to Sánchez, is due in part to the fact that citizens relaxed in complying with biosecurity measures and that many people from Cartagena have not completed their vaccination schedule, much less have received the reinforcement.

The truth is that while the cases of COVID-19 continue to grow, the city continues to lag behind in vaccination, compared to other municipalities that since May 1 eliminated the use of face masks in closed spaces and in classrooms as of May 1. 15 th of May.


Although the Ministry of Health established that only cities that have a percentage greater than 70% in complete vaccination schemes and greater than 40% in the application of reinforcement doses will be able to eliminate the mask in closed spaces, with some exceptions such as service environments health, nursing homes and transportation, Cartagena has not yet achieved the last indicator.

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As of June 16, the city reaches 36% in booster doses. Only 262,832 people have received this vaccine.

After this panorama, the director of Public Health of Dadis motivated Cartagena to get vaccinated, taking into account the availability of doses, mainly from Moderna, Pfizer and Sinovac. It should be noted that yesterday the Ministry of Health enabled the fourth dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 (second booster dose) for the population between 12 and 49 years of age. This will be applied under medical prescription, while for those over 50 years of age it will continue to be available without medical recommendation.


Some vaccination points are: Welfare IPS Pedro de Heredia, Caminos IPS, Cartagena del Mar Clinic, General Clinic of the Caribbean, Dumian Medical El Bosque Clinic, San José de Torices Clinic, Sanitas Bocagrande, Sanitas San Felipe Shopping Center, Health Management, Health Cars Barrio España, Police, Mall Plaza Shopping Center, Santa Lucía Total Health, Crecer Medical Center, Bicentennial CAP and Comfamiliar.

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