Covid Bulletin today November 30: Lombardy third for new infections, another 208 deaths

Milan, 30 November 2020 – I. new cases of coronavirus in Italy there are 16,377, 672 the victims. In Lombardy I’m 1,929 infections were confirmed on 16,987 swabs. I deaths today, Monday 30 November, are 208 (21,855 since the beginning of the pandemic). They drop by one unit terapie intensive (906), rise by 33 i hospitalizations (today 7,433). Today the Lombardy, for the first time since the start of the second wave, it is third for new infections, behind Emilia Romagna (2,041 infections for 10,992 swabs) and Veneto (2,003 for 8,985 swabs). A particularly significant figure because the region has processed the highest number of swabs nationwide in the last 24 hours. “We are now at a plateau with a downward trend – he explained the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco -. Clearly there is a plateau in deaths too, but we will see the improvement later because it is the last parameter that improves “.

First week in the orange zone

The first week of the Lombardy in orange zone. The easing of the measures started yesterday. Three main innovations. The first: the students of second and third grade are back to give lessons in person. Second change: within the municipality of residence or domicile you can move without self-certification. Finally the commercial businesses they can stay open without distinction between those who sell food or basic necessities and those who sell anything else. (The rules of the orange zone). Just the return to shopping ended in the center of controversy. In fact, on the day of farewell to the red zone, in Milan is game the shopping rush. Yesterday the main streets, starting from Corso Vittorio Emanuele, I’m return to repopulate (VIDEO). Corso Buenos Aires, which with almost two kilometers concentrates over 350 shop windows, was crowded for the last business of Black Friday (VIDEO). Pictures they made the Undersecretary of Health Sandra Zampa arose: E’ quite disconcerting – he commented – that people find it so hard to understand the gravity of the situation and the fact that these situations depend on the behavior of each of us “. Moreover, although i numbers ofCovid-19 emergency in Lombardy are slowly but steadily improving, the region remains the area most affected by the spread of the virus and hospitals are still under pressure. In Italy the rate of growth of infections has cooled or slowed down a lot. But the country (Lombardy in the lead) is not yet in a safe zone for which the next few weeks, at least until the end of December, are decisive.

The graph from the Ministry website showing the trend of the new positives in Italy

New positive trend in Italy (Ministry of Health)

Covid Italy Bulletin Monday 30 November / Pdf

Covid Bulletin Lombardy Region 30 November

Here we will publish, as soon as available, i data from the Lombardy Region coronavirus bulletin with contagions province by province

The fear of a “free all”

As reiterated on several occasions by the same Governor Attilio Fontana landing in the orange zone is not a “free all”. “Be careful – he said – don’t get too crowded, always keep your mask and wash your hands. There must be no mistaken belief that it is all over. We have not yet overcome the difficult moment. Until the vaccine is given to all citizens, we have to live with the virus. ” Call for caution also from Massimo Galli, Director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan: “The point is that it’s still there a lot of viruses that circulate and as soon as the hint of a result is obtained, one cannot think of one situation of ‘free all’, we have already lived this experience … “, therefore” it is evident that if not they keep the precautions we will see the consequences that we have already experienced “.

All eyes on the Christmas Dpcm

In the meantime, the negotiations on the Christmas dpcm, what should arrive by Friday 4th December (day of entry into force). Today extraordinary meeting of the presidents of the Region, to seek a common line in view of the confrontation with the Government on the next measure anti-Covid. Lagreement will be found in particular on movements and hours of the premises. The government’s intention is to keep the curfew; to keep all restaurants closed at Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, Epiphany; not to allow the evening shift even in the yellow areas for the entire month of December; to leave more space only for pre-Christmas shopping. The restaurant dilemma will be resolved at the same time as the other holiday knots: mobility between regions and joint travel. The latest rumors speak of a blocking of movements between regions from 20 December until Epiphany. Eyes on the possible exceptions, however: the government, tomorrow, will have to decide how to grant any return home to elderly parents. Regarding the spouses reunification should be granted, also extended to cohabiting couples. There failure to open the facilities for the Christmas holidays, it now seems certain.

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