Covid-19’s younger sister, Sharon Stone Blames the Unmasked

Sharon Stone called on the US community to wear masks.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Actress Sharon Stone revealed to the public that his younger sister was diagnosed with Covid-19. Sharon called on people to comply with the rules for wearing masks to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

“My sister Kelly, who suffers from lupus, is now infected with Covid-19,” Sharon wrote in the caption column of a photo she uploaded at Instagram, as reported Fox News.

The photo shows an inpatient ward at the hospital where Kelly is being treated. Sharon said her sister had been infected by an infected person but was not wearing a mask.

“One of you who doesn’t wear a mask is doing this,” explains Sharon.

Not only Kelly, Sharon said, Kelly’s husband was also being treated in hospital. Kelly’s husband is reportedly struggling to stay alive after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

Sharon said that neither Kelly nor Kelly’s husband often went out of the house when they didn’t have to. They try to stay at home as long as they can.

However, they both went to Montana on March 13. They immediately isolated themselves and only went out to the pharmacy.

Sharon said, in his country the test Covid-19 can only be done to people who show symptoms. It took five days to get the test results.

Not only Sharon, Kelly, who is struggling to recover, also shared stories through her account Instagram-his. Kelly reminded his followers on these social media accounts that Covid-19 was really real.

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“Just know that this is real,” said Kelly.

Kelly said she had to gasp every time she breathed in with the aid of an oxygen tube. Therefore, Kelly encourages the public to take part in encouraging wider testing and wider use of masks for themselves and their loved ones.

“Ask everyone to wear a mask,” said Kelly.

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