COVID-19 Worldwide, US Says Head of Wuhan Laboratory Sends Email to All Scientists

BEIJING – Riddle asal muasal COVID-19 which is still a mystery continues to be a big question mark. The Wuhan laboratory, which is strongly suspected of being a hotbed of the corona virus, has yet to be proven.

As reported by Fortune, the Director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology Prof. Wang Yanyi allegedly issued instructions to all ranks of scientists in the laboratory not to open their mouths about Covid-19. READ ALSO – The Delta Variant Attacks Wuhan, China Returns to Alert One

Based on information obtained by the United States Department of State (USA), Prof. Wang Yanyi allegedly sent an email to all scientists at the institute asking them not to spread any information about the coronavirus.

According to the department, details of the emails obtained by the public studies research organization US Right to Know (USRTK) show Yanyi sent emails to all scientists in January last year.

Yanyi previously denied all allegations about the virus Covid-19 which is allegedly made in a laboratory and spread to humans, besides that he assures the institution he operates is ‘100 percent safe’.

The US State Department informed that the disclosure about the email was also written by a Guangzhou-based blogger before the article was deleted.

A number of laboratories in Wuhan became the world’s attention after Covid-19 allegedly produced in one of the laboratories.



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