Covid-19 Vaccination Not Related to Brain Bleeding Stroke – The Director of the National Brain Center Hospital, Mursyid Bustami, emphasized that the Covid-19 vaccination was not related to the incidence of cerebral hemorrhage stroke. The side effects of vaccination are only mild. Such as fever, pain, drowsiness to hunger. The mild side effects of the Covid-19 vaccination don’t last long. A maximum of two days post-injection.

“Regarding the information that vaccines have a risk of causing brain hemorrhagic stroke, we have clarified that there is no scientific relationship between bleeding stroke and the Covid-19 vaccine,” he said in a press release from the Ministry of Health quoted by, Sunday (26/9). ).

Mursyid explained, about 20 percent of bleeding strokes are caused by blockages in blood vessels. The main reason is because of the high risk factors.

The risk factors for stroke and become common respectors include diabetes, hypertension, poor diet, smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, alcohol and narcotics.

”If the bleeding stroke is usually a patient with hypertension. What happens is that the blood vessels are not strong enough to withstand high blood pressure, so there is a leak,” he said.

Furthermore, Mursyid explained, there are two risk factors for bleeding stroke, namely controllable and uncontrollable. Controllable risk factors can be prevented as early as possible so as not to become a ticking time bomb.

Prevention efforts that can be done is to start implementing a clean and healthy lifestyle. Then do not do activities that can cause health problems in the future such as smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, limit consumption of sugar, salt and fat. Meanwhile, the risk factors that cannot be controlled are age, genetics, gender.

”To find out these risk factors, a thorough examination is carried out to look for risk factors so that we can control them as soon as possible,” said Mursyid. [noe]



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