Covid-19: The Latvian National Opera and Ballet suspends public activities for two weeks – Culture

In connection with the opening of Covid-19 to certain employees, the Latvian National Opera and Ballet (LNOB) will cease public activities until November 1, said Egils Siliņš, Chairman of the Board of LNOB.

Siliņš said that the disease with Covid-19 was detected in the LNOB choir, so in order to break the disease chain, a decision was made to stop showing shows.

The chairman of the board of the LNOB pointed out that so far no opera soloists or ballet dancers have been diagnosed with the disease. Siliņš also noted that currently the capacity of the laboratory is limited and it is not possible to inspect all technical staff.

The inspections on Covid-19 were performed in the large groups of the LNOB – in the choir, orchestra, ballet troupe and part of the administration, about 300 employees still need to be inspected, Siliņš explained.

Opera spokeswoman Irbe Treile said that the LNOB could not comment on the number of patients at the moment.

Meanwhile, Minister of Culture Nauris Puntulis (NA) in an interview with the Latvian Television program “Morning Panorama” on Monday morning revealed that during additional testing, three more Covid-19 patients have been detected in the LNOB choir. Thus, a total of four patients are known – all are members of the opera choir.

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