Covid-19, Ricciardi on Sky TG24: ‘We risk 16,000 cases a day’

This was stated during an interview with “Buongiorno”, one of the members of the WHO executive committee as well as consultant to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, commenting on the latest data regarding the increase in infections in our country

“What has happened since June is a doubling of cases every month. We had 200 cases, then 400, then 800, then 1600 and now we’re up to over 4 thousand cases. So we risk in a month of having over 8,000 cases a day and in two months, when the flu arrives, of having 16,000 cases in one day ”. With these words, pronounced during an interview with “Buongiorno” on Sky TG24, Walter Ricciardi, member of the WHO executive committee and consultant to the Minister of Health, commented on the new surge in infections from coronavirus in Italy. The positives, in the last 24 hours, have increased by 4,458 cases, with 22 deaths.

“An insidiosissimo virus”


Coronavirus, Ricciardi: stopping the increase in infections is the priority

According to Ricciardi, if this growth trend continues, the risk is therefore to see even 16 thousand cases in one day, “as at this moment the France, or even Spain and Great Britain who have made the same mistakes as us. Unfortunately, this second phase of the underestimation of the epidemic is too general a fact “, underlined the expert, professor of General and Applied Hygiene at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Catholic University of Rome.” We cannot think that the virus don’t turn around, this is a very insidious virus that is filling the hospitals again. The hospitals Covid in Campania and Lazio they are almost full and I am very worried not so much by the intensive therapies, which we are talking about, but the sub-intensive therapies because there are infectious patients who must be treated in a certain way and the places are already saturating. Let alone when the flu will come what will happen “, he said. At the moment, however, the situation is under control.” We are not collapsing, no, but we are in a situation of great pressure “, he specified.” We still have time but we must do it in a spirit of harmony national and without controversy. Nobody wants to blame anyone and we must give important answers at the institutional level, but above all the population must give them “, he added again.

The situation in the Italian regions

The errors Ricciardi mentioned, among the causes of the increase in contagion, refer to the relaxation that has been determined in many people, starting from the summer, which has determined a lowering of the guard. In Italy, according to the expert, the situation is not entirely homogeneous. “Now there are Regions that have been more or less prepared, and my concern is that this preparation is not yet adequate, all the more so for when the flu will arrive, and there are others Regions which were found to be more unprepared, that is, they did not increase the testing capacity that was presumably necessary and proved absolutely necessary ”, underlined Ricciardi. “Compared to what awaits us, which is enormous pressure with the arrival of the flu, we had to strengthen the testing system extending it to all structures, both public and private, which are able to do so, and then with the emergency room which in many cases have not yet done even the differentiated routes ”, he explained. “The historical fact that all pandemics have a second wave that is more dangerous than the first has been underestimated. I do not want to blame the Regions, I know that some presidents have resented my statements, but I want to emphasize that in the face of a pandemic from respiratory virus we must all work together and base decisions on scientific evidence. The moment you ignore the message that you have to take advantage of the summer months to prepare, then you are wrong ”, added the expert.

Lockdown and closure of schools


Coronavirus in Italy and in the world, the latest news. DIRECT

For Ricciardi “the closing of the school it is absolutely to be avoided as well as a general lockdown is absolutely to avert ”, he said. “At this moment there is no hypothesis of closing commercial establishments or activities, we are only thinking about what are the possible activities that involve unjustified gatherings that concern non-primary activities that may be limited in some way”.

The ten-day quarantine like in Germany

Another theme touched by Ricciardi, during the interview with Sky Tg24, is that of the reduced quarantine, for ten and no longer fourteen days. It is a hypothesis that the health authorities are thinking about, “based on the scientific evidence of this particular moment. The quarantine in our opinion can be reduced to ten days as it is done in Germany, with one tampon instead of two tampons. It is something that we are recommending as scientific advisers to Minister Speranza and I hope that the Government will take it into consideration ”. Germany is therefore, at the moment, a model to look at. “We are analyzing what he did, reducing the quarantine for suspects with a single negative swab to then authorize its end. It is a hypothesis that can be taken into consideration, must then be carefully evaluated by the CTS and then it can be somehow deliberate, ”he explained. “We are suggesting the same behavioral hypothesis of Germany which, from the point of scientific evidence, loses something, but allows for of the epidemic easier especially at this time when cases are more than four thousand a day ”, concluded Ricciardi.


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