COVID-19 returns to Norway and Denmark

The number of new cases of coronavirus infection in Denmark and Norway has grown significantly in the last week, DPA reported.

The agency notes that the number of people in need of hospital care is small in both countries. This is due to the mass vaccination carried out by the authorities. In Denmark, 75% of the population is vaccinated, and in Norway this percentage jumps to 87%.

1,847 new cases have been registered in Denmark since Wednesday. Of these, 212 people were admitted to hospital.

Denmark has sent doctors and nurses to help Romania with seriously ill COVID-19 patients

At the request of Romania for medical assistance under the European Civil Protection Mechanism

On Thursday, the Scandinavian country reported 1,144 new cases. The center of the pandemic is located in the small northern Norwegian town of Tromso. There are registered 62 cases per day.

We recall that Norway and Denmark lifted most of the coronavirus restrictions a few weeks ago.

Authorities in both countries are monitoring the situation, but do not intend to tighten measures.



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