COVID-19 “potion” creator dies in Sri Lanka

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Man developed complications from coronavirus

White treated sports stars, show business representatives and leading politicians in Sri Lanka with his concoction.

In Sri Lanka, a shaman died from a coronavirus infection, who allegedly created a “magic potion” that protects a person from COVID-19 Eliantha White. About this on Thursday, September 23rd. informs BBC.

At one time, he suggested pouring a sufficient amount of the potion he created into the rivers. The shaman believed that in this way it is possible to stop the pandemic, and not only in his country, but also in India.

He claimed that the recipe for the potion came to him in a dream. Officials trusted him. So, his broth was publicly approved by the ex-Minister of Health Pavitra Vanniaracchi, who subsequently spent two weeks in the intensive care unit with coronavirus.

It is known that the 48-year-old Elianta White was diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this month, and after hospitalization, his condition worsened. On September 22, his family reported that the man had died from the effects of COVID-19.

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapax, who at one time even turned to White for advice, also expressed his condolences on the death of the national doctor.

We will remind, an elderly resident of Kiev, who contracted a coronavirus infection, died because he did not want to go to the hospital, despite the availability of all indications for this.

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