Covid-19, party among colleagues: doctors and nurses get infected in Sondalo

A dozen health professionals, including doctors and nurses, from the general medicine department of the Morelli hospital in Sondalo tested positive for the coronavirus after attending a party with colleagues about ten days ago. An outbreak in all respects born in one of the places where a hospital course should never “light up”, a place dedicated to the protection of the most fragile.

Immediate closure of the ward with the consequent transfer of patients to other hospitals in the province of Sondrio. At the same time, all anti-covid protocols were put in place to isolate the infected, track down the people they came into contact with as well as sanitize the environments they frequent.

«What happened must serve as a warning about the behaviors that each of us must follow. We need the utmost attention because everyone, no one excluded in their work environments, can be infected, even health workers », Giuseppina Ardemagni, Asst Valtellina and Alto Lario health director, commented to Ansa.




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Along the afternoon of Saturday 17 October 2020, Asst Valtellina and Alto Lario ordered the reopening of the general medicine ward closed due to the discovery of a covid-19 outbreak among health workers (read here).


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