COVID-19 | New York takes step towards compulsory vaccination of caregivers

(New York) C’est un premier pas vers la vaccination obligatoire pour les soignants : les milliers d’employés des hôpitaux publics new-yorkais devront bientôt soit être vaccinés contre la COVID-19 soit se faire tester chaque semaine, témoin de l’inquiétude croissante face au variant Delta.

« Nous surveillons le variant Delta et son impact et il est temps d’introduire des changements », a expliqué le maire, Bill de Blasio, lors d’un point presse. « C’est un premier pas […] If we don’t see immunization numbers increasing fast enough, we will look at other options ”.

This is the first time that the first American metropolis, where nearly 58% of the population has received at least one dose of vaccine, through a vaccination campaign based on voluntary work and multiple incentives, has taken such a restrictive measure.

It should apply, from August 2, to some 30,000 employees of 11 New York public hospitals.

Even if caregivers keep the option of getting tested every week, “I have no doubt that this will push people to be vaccinated,” said the mayor, hoping that private New York hospitals would follow suit. example of public hospitals.

The announcement comes against a backdrop of growing controversy over the measures to be taken to increase the vaccination rate against the delta variant, which now represents 83% of American contaminations, according to the latest estimates.

Many health officials are pushing to make vaccination compulsory, at least for certain categories of the population. But several states led by Republicans have instead passed laws prohibiting coercive measures, especially in schools.

At the end of June, the San Francisco city hall made vaccination compulsory for all municipal employees. But she had conditioned this measure to full approval of the vaccines by the American drug authority, the FDA, not expected for several weeks.

Faced with the progression of the Delta variant, the city finally decided to require vaccination from September 15 for its most exposed employees.


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