Covid-19 makes heart disease worse without infectious, how come? – Lack of access to health services or cardiovascular disease heart during a pandemic Covid-19, making the patient’s illness or disease severity increase.

This was revealed by the author of the journal Risk Management and Healthcare Policy Dr. dr. Anwar Santoso, SpJP (K), FIHA., Who said that the patient’s delayed treatment only made it up heart disease getting worse, even though he did not contract Covid-19.

“The delay in diagnosis results in an increase in the stage of the disease, disruption of the therapeutic process (treatment, rehabilitation, palliative care), and an increase in behavioral risk factors such as physical inactivity,” said Dr. Anwar at the Pfizer Webinar event, Saturday (17/10/2020).

Although many of the latest treatments have been found to treat one non-communicable disease (PTM), the doctor who is also the advisory board and ethical board of the Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialist Association (PERKI) still sees this. heart disease so the leading cause of death worldwide.

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“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in Indonesia there needs to be efforts to continue providing essential health services and increasing public awareness of the prevention of PTM, especially cardiovascular disease,” explained Dr. Anwar.

Described in the journal Risk Management and Healthcare Policy written by him, several screening methods and integration of health services need to be carried out carefully to prevent PTM like the heart.

A series of things that need to be unified are the implementation of policies, handling gaps during treatment practice, plus the community must also be involved and made a priority.

“Apart from that, the involvement of patients, families, and the surrounding community also plays an important role in achieving the continuity and success of PTM care,” he continued.

Fearing that contracting Covid-19 will worsen heart disease, telemedicine can be a virtual bridge for patients and doctors to meet.

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One of the telemedicines is the NCD Academy, an interactive web that is easily accessible by general practitioners, internists, and nurses to better prevent and treat PTM.

“The presence of the NCD Academy is expected to open access for health professionals to renew and improve their ability to handle PTM patients at all levels of health services in Indonesia,” concluded dr. Ade Meidian Ambari, SpJP, FIHA, Deputy Secretary General II of PERKI.

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