Covid-19: Israeli Vaccine “BriLife” Demonstrated Effectiveness Against Variants

New results released by the Israel Biological Research Institute (IIBR) demonstrate the effectiveness of Israel’s “BriLife” vaccine against Coronavirus variants, reports Sunday. Jerusalem Post.

The IIBR tests showed that the “BriLife” vaccine maintained its level of neutralizing efficacy of antibodies against the four main variants of Covid-19 (Alpeh, Beta, Gamma and, Delta).

The result of the research was submitted for evaluation by the experts of a major scientific journal. The Israeli research institute said it could not discuss the data collected until the report was validated.

The CEO of pharmaceutical company NeuroRX, Dr. Jonathan Javitt said “there is every reason to be optimistic” about the ability of the “BriLife” vaccine to be durable, against both new variants and in terms of strengthening immunity against Covid-19 “.

More than four million Israelis have already obtained the third booster dose of the Coronavirus vaccine.

There are no official results yet as to how long the third dose will be effective, but health officials across the country already expect it to not exceed 12 months.

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