COVID-19: in the Russian Federation, for the first time in a day, more than a thousand victims

The funeral of the victims of the pandemic at one of the cemeteries of St. Petersburg

During the pandemic, almost 8 million Russians became infected with the coronavirus. More than 222 thousand of them died.

In Russia, the daily increase in new cases of coronavirus COVID-19 amounted to 33 208 cases, and the number of deaths – 1 002. These are two new anti-records for the entire time of the pandemic, the operational headquarters said on Saturday, October 16.

It is indicated that the incidence is growing in almost all Russian regions. Yesterday, most of the infected were detected in Moscow (6,545), in St. Petersburg (3,088) and in the Moscow region (2,403).

Most of the deaths are in Moscow (72), in St. Petersburg (67) and in the Krasnodar Territory (41).

In total, 7,958,384 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Russia during the pandemic, 222,315 deaths and 6,981,907 recovered, including 21,883 were discharged in the last day.

Recall on Friday Russia also updated anti-records by the number of new infections and by the number of deaths.

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