Covid-19: how to protect yourself when a loved one is infected

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed more than 4.6 million out of more than 219 million infected worldwide. In Haiti, the number of deaths is approaching 600 out of more than 21,000 cases of contamination listed by the health authorities.

Almost 18 months after being first detected in Haiti, the virus continues to spread. So it is very likely that each of us will know a loved one or a family member who has caught the virus. So what if a family member is infected? How to protect yourself and continue to help the patient?

Measures for the sick

Doctor Dr. Agnès Ricard-Hibon, president of the French Society of Emergency Medicine (SFMU), invites people living with a loved one infected with the new coronavirus to book a room specially for the patient.

“A room must be dedicated to the sick. When he leaves the room, he must wear a mask, it is necessary to clean after each visit to the toilet or ideally that he has a toilet especially for him ”, advises Dr. Ricard-Hibon.

The patient must absolutely do his best to protect those around him. At home, in a separate room, he must wear a mask to avoid projecting his postilions contaminated with the virus.

He should also wash his hands properly and regularly, always in order to avoid passing the virus on to another person at home.

Avoid sharing intimate objects, such as a toothbrush or cutlery. It is recommended not to put the toothbrushes in the same place to avoid them touching each other. They can also be a vector of the virus.

Measures for non-infected people around the patient

Family members who are not contaminated should at all costs avoid being in direct contact with the patient. However, if you do come into contact with him, stand at a distance of 2 meters to assist.

You should also wash your hands regularly to avoid catching the virus, and wear a mask each time you talk to the infected person.

Since the virus can remain on surfaces, Ricard-Hibon DC recommends washing the surfaces where the infected person resides.

“The virus can stay on things. The best is to use bleach to disinfect your interior, ”she recommends.


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