COVID-19 | Hospitals under pressure in France, while the incidence increases in Spain

The third scourge of the pandemic is putting French hospitals on the ropes. The occupancy level of the second wave ICUs has been exceeded and, in two weeks, the records of April last year could be broken.

There are already almost 30,000 people admitted for coronavirus; of them, more than 5,400 in intensive care, more than at the height of the second wave, in mid-November. And things could get worse in about fifteen days, when, according to the Minister of Health, Olivier VĂ©ran, the ceiling of admitted to ICUs in April of last year could be exceeded.

“There are always two or three weeks between the peak of contaminations and the peak of hospitalizations, because the person who develops a serious form of COVID does so after 10 or 15 days. That means that, if this week we reach the peak of contagions , within two or three weeks we will have the peak of patients in intensive care units, “said the minister.

Spain: the incidence of the coronavirus rises throughout the country

Spain hopes that the vaccines will serve to contain the rising curve of infections. This Monday the country received 1.2 million doses of Pfizer.

The authorities warn that the incidence of the coronavirus is growing throughout Spain. It has increased 12 points since Saturday and stands at 163 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which could herald a new wave of the pandemic. The autonomous communities are studying the hardening of containment measures, while preparing spaces to vaccinate, from stadiums to auditoriums or bullrings.

“The device is marked to reach 10,000 people (daily) and we can reach -explains a nurse in a vaccination center-. And it is always the same, the human factor is fundamental and the collaboration of the population, who comes with their message and with the time that they have indicated on their telephone terminal “.

Venice vaccinates by vaporetto

In Italy, Venice has found the ideal means of reaching the population. They use a vaporetto, a water bus, as a mobile clinic to vaccinate against COVID. The objective is to get closer to those over 80 who live on the least populated islands of the city.

Serbia receives vaccines from Sinopharm

Outside the European Union, Serbia vaccinates with all the available arsenal. The Balkan country has just received hundreds of thousands of doses from the Chinese state pharmaceutical Sinopharm.

Although contagion rates remain high, the Serbian government has relaxed the restriction measures for economic reasons.



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