Covid-19: hospitals reactivate the white plan – 20 hours newspaper

For the third time since the start of the epidemic, the Strasbourg hospital is getting ready for battle. Management and department heads reluctantly decreed the white plan. In this establishment, the number of Covid patients has doubled in two weeks. It reached the peak in May 2021, i.e. 74 patients including 18 in intensive care. The emergency procedure will make it possible to free up beds by deprogramming non-urgent operations and by organizing staff transfers from one service to another. According to our calculations, 25 hospitals have launched the white plan in recent days. But for the Hospital Federation of France, many would never have deactivated it. As explained by its president, Frédéric Valletous, a third of hospitals are still in white plan. They have not deactivated the procedure, while others have reactivated it because they expect situations of tension. The white plan has not been reinstated in Paris hospitals, but some among the nursing staff fear it. They know that this device involves less time off and possible reminders about their rest time. The situation is tense despite the density of establishments in Île-de-France. T F1 | Report J. Devambez, J. Rieg-Boivin, L. Claudepierre.


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