Covid-19, free rapid serological tests for students and families: the list of pharmacies

From Monday the voluntary screening starts, with rapid serological tests performed in pharmacies, for the search for antibodies to Sars-CoV-2. Therefore, carried out on capillary blood samples (lancing device), it allows to identify if people have come into contact with the virus. Serological screening in pharmacies is free and is aimed at parents of children and pupils-students (0-18 years and adults attending upper secondary school), pupils-students, their brothers and sisters, as well as other family members living together with the consent of the parents / guardians / carers of minors and university students with the attending physician in the Region.

Citizens who fall within the target indicated above can access the service offered only if they have health care in the Region with the choice of a general practitioner or pediatrician of free choice. The execution of the rapid serological test must take place by appointment. The aims of the project will be explained to the citizen who will join, a specific information will be given and adequate instructions will be provided.

The campaign wanted by the Emilia Romagna Region is a further tool that strengthens the prevention and control action of Covid-19 since, in the event of a positive test, the citizen will be contacted by the company’s Public Health Departments to perform the nasopharyngeal swab which will be able to detect the presence of the virus. This will allow to identify the people who have contracted the virus and are asymptomatic and consequently to prevent the birth of Covid-19 outbreaks in the school world. In the Forlì area, 27 pharmacies have joined.

The modalities

All children from 0 to 18 years and adults who attend upper secondary school, with their parents, brothers and sisters and other cohabiting family members, can access the free test. Not only that, because the Region also wanted to include another significant segment of the population: university students who have a general practitioner in Emilia-Romagna.

To carry out the test, simply make an appointment with the pharmacist, consulting the list of members on the website, which will be constantly updated. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian must give their consent and be present at the time of the check, which will always take place in compliance with all safety measures, from the mandatory and correct use of the mask to the hygiene of the hands at the entrance , from controlling body temperature to distancing.

The pharmacist will register the data of the person undergoing the test on the Regional Pharmacy Portal; in the event of a positive outcome, the citizen will be contacted by the Public Sanctity Services of the Healthcare Service to perform the nasopharyngeal swab.

The list of pharmacies that have joined the Forlì area

A Bertinoro it is possible to do it at the “Pharmacy Santa Maria Nuova” in via Anita Garibaldi 31-33, a Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole at the pharmacy “Le terme” in viale Marconi, 51, while a Civitella di Romagna at the pharmacy “Bombardmentin via Piolanti 8 and in “San Michele” in via Roma 40-A. A Dovadola the test can be carried out at the “Due Ponti” drug counter in Piazza della Vittoria 2.

A Forlì 17 joined: “Nanni” in viale Roma 40, “San Domenico” in via Colombo 7, “Mancini” in Corso Garibaldi 91, “Mainetti” in viale Bologna 61, “Natalini” in Corso Diaz 79, “Lombardi” in Corso della Repubblica 76, “Rambelli” in via Ravegnana 149, “Villafranca” in via Lughese 256, “Di Carpinello” in via Cervese 173, “San Martino” in viale Dell’Appennino 501, “Del Ronco” in viale Roma 332, “Zuccari” in viale Bologna 181-A, “Cicognani” in viale Fratelli Brusholi 83, “Malpezzi” in via Costa 60, “Barboni” in via Bertini 183, “Vecchiazzano” in via Magellano 1, and “Roncadello” in Largo Roccaella 6.



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A Forlimpopoli the test can be performed at the “Fabbri” pharmacy in Piazza Garibaldi, a Meldola at the “Gardini” in via Cavour 82, a Portico San Benedetto at the “Di Portico” pharmacy in via Tosco Romagnola 28, a Predappio at the “Del Rabbi” pharmacy in Piazza Pertini 5 “, and at Rocca San Casciano to the “Degli Angeli e c.” in Piazza Garibaldi 34-35.


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