COVID-19: England gradually loosens March to June after vaccination helps reduce mortality-infection.

COVID-19: England gradually loosens the lock down Mar-Jun after vaccination helps reduce mortality-infection – BBC Thailand

The government announced a four-phase England lockdown plan from March to June after 17.7 million people in the UK had received the COVID vaccine.

“We are on the only road to freedom,” said Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The public statement on the evening of February 22 by explaining that the vaccination was good. Help reduce new infections And the death rate And aiming for the COVID-19 vaccine To all adults aged 18 and over in the UK by July.

Another recent positive sign is Pfizer-Bion Tech vaccine And the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine It was able to prevent infection in Scotland from becoming so severe that 85% and 94% were hospitalized, respectively.

This is the first sign that the UK citizens’ vaccination program is working. And the statistics for the UK will be published next.

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For people over 80, overall reduced the number of people hospitalized by 81%.

This data comes from the “EAVE II” program, which observed 1.14 million vaccinations between 3 December 2020 and 15 February 2021. This study compared the number of people who were hospitalized among those who received it. The vaccine already and not received.

Professor Asishekh, Lead Researcher Said the results were really good and both vaccines did great job.

Unlocking planinEngland

There are four stages of the lockdown in the UK, with UK shops, hair salons, gyms and outdoor venues to reopen on April 12 if epidemic controls are in place.

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Mr. Johnson told members of the representatives that This plan will proceed like “Be careful, but there will be no going back” and will use information to guide the loosening of measures in each step.

Step 1 From March 8, all schools in the UK will reopen and from March 29, up to 6 people or two households can meet outdoors.

Step 2 From April 12, businesses that will return to open for service include

  • Shops, barber shops and public buildings such as libraries and museums
  • Outdoor beer shops, zoos, and theme parks
  • Indoor Pool and Gym
  • Tourist accommodation such as a vacation home for rent Or campsite
  • A maximum of 30 people are allowed to attend the funeral and a maximum of 15 people are allowed in the wedding.
  • People still have to maintain a social distance in all places. And also forbid people from different households to meet in the house
Covid vaccination centre

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Step 3 From 17 May onwards

  • Will expand the number of people allowed to meet outdoors from no more than 6 to no more than 30.
  • Allowing members from two different households to meet in the shade.
  • Return to the opening of theaters, hotels, venues for performances and sporting events. But still have to keep a distance
  • Allow a large stadium For example, a football field can accept no more than 10,000 viewers.

Step 4 From June 21, it is likely to repeal all legal regulations on meeting people. And services such as nightclubs will reopen And during this period The government hopes there will no longer be a limit to the number of guests that will be taken to a funeral or wedding.

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However, each stage of unblocking occurs only if:

  • The action of the vaccine is planned.
  • There is scientific evidence showing that vaccines can reduce the number of deaths. And requiring treatment at the hospital Effectively
  • Lower infection rates It is not a burden for the hospital to receive inpatients.
  • The mutant virus does not pose a risk.

Mr Johnson told the council that statistics would be used to guide the loosening of measures at every stage.

“We will be careful with this approach so as not to compromise the progress and sacrifices everyone has made to keep ourselves and others safe.”


A woman in Tel-Aviv is vaccinated

Research shows that Pfizer-BionTech vaccines in Israel reduce the number of deaths and hospitalizations by 95.8%.

Israel has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with over 49% of the population already receiving the first vaccine. The country has now begun to loosen the lockdown after research shows Pfizer-Bion Tech vaccine. Reduce the number of deaths and patients required to be taken to the hospital by 95.8%.

Since February 21, the authorities have provided shops, libraries and museums. Can return to open business But must keep a distance and wear a mask

Gymnasiums, hotels, and synagogues will also begin, but people will need a “green passport” that can be applied once you’ve got your vaccine. And a small number of people who have recovered from the infection And are not yet eligible to be vaccinated, they can apply for this “passport” as well.

The “passport” is in an application by the Ministry of Health and is valid for 6 months, starting one week after receiving the second vaccine.

People can now go to concerts and sporting events, but only 75% of the venue’s capacity is allowed, but no more than 300 people inside and no more than 500 people outdoors.

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Israel will still shut down the airport for another two weeks.

Vaccine order amount

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