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The members of the Latvian Radio Choir will be in quarantine until the end of October, because the members of the choir have been diagnosed with Covid-19, Indra Vilipsone, a representative of the Latvian Radio Choir, informed LETA. The illness was also detected in the State Academic Choir “Latvija”, Latvian Radio confirmed the choir director Māris Ošlejs.


  • The disease has been diagnosed in the Latvian Radio Choir.
  • Covid-19 was also found in the State Academic Choir “Latvia”.
  • The Ave Sol Choir is still working.

The representative of the Latvian Radio Choir did not reveal how many patients were ill. Currently, all 24 choir members and one conductor are in quarantine.

Currently, two choir concerts have been canceled. Vilipsone regretted that due to illness, the choir was forced to cancel today’s performance at the festival “Latvian Autumn 2020” and the choir’s anniversary concert planned for October 30.

The Latvian Radio Choir opened its 80th anniversary year last Saturday, October 17, in the concert hall “Cēsis”. As Egija Salņikova, Marketing and Communication Manager of the Cēsis Concert Hall, told LETA, currently the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) has not informed any of the concert hall administration or concert listeners as a contact person for choir soloists.

“We have separated the flows of concert hall visitors and guest artists so that they do not intersect. The distance from soloists to spectators is also considerably more than two meters. In addition, we have encouraged our visitors to wear face masks in public areas, which people did when walking to their personalized seats. they were not even removed during the concert, “said Salnikova. The applicant of the concert program also used a face shield.

She said that the choirs arrived collectively by bus an hour and a half before the concert and entered through separate doors. After the concert, everyone left immediately, without having dinner in the city.

It has become known that the infection has also been detected in the State Academic Choir “Latvia”. Its director Māris Ošlejs confirmed to Latvijas Radio that the band is going to self-isolation for two weeks.

Andris Veismanis on the work of the choir “Ave Sol”Mara Rosenberg

But Andris Veismanis, the conductor of “Ave Sol”, said that the choir has been singing at a distance since the spring, strictly follows the sanitary norms and, if necessary, would be ready to sing with face shields. He expressed hope that the cases of illness in the Latvian Radio Choir and the National Opera Choir will not stop the art process completely and will not leave “all cultural workers, including amateurs” under the blow.

“You can already theorize, but you can practice – that is the most important thing. Sing, develop, because our choir culture is at a very high level. And this worries me very much, as does the limitation of our high culture with various measures that stop for six months. At the moment, this second wave looks long-lasting, so we have to think and solve ways we can perform and continue the concert life. Because “online” – as former opera director Zigmars Liepiņš said – is like smelling a rose through a gas mask, “Veismanis pointed out.


A few days ago it became known that several members of the Latvian National Opera Choir fell ill.

In Latvia on June 10 ended An emergency situation was announced on 12 March to contain the new coronavirus. The virus is still circulating and there is no medicine or vaccine against it. Certain restrictions still apply to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

The situation was stable during the summer, but at the end of September the incidence rose sharply and the 14-day cumulative number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 population exceeded 25 cases. Queues for Covid-19 tests are also increasing, and asymptomatic people are already invited not to report the test.

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