Covid 19 deaths increase, found as a grandfather from Pornpat market woman Less than a month to heal.

COVID 19, 84th additional deaths reported less than a month after treatment Pointed next to the vendor in Phon Phat market, Pathum Thani

March 2, 2021 COVID-19 Information Center Infection situation reportCOVID 19 Today, 42 more people have been infected and one more person has died. In total, there are currently 84 deaths.

The latest death toll is 84 or 24 in the new epidemic, a 92-year-old male, domiciled in Pathum Thani province, has an underlying disease with diabetes. High blood pressure and heart disease

The deceased had a history of shopping with a woman at Phon Phat Market on February 11, where the woman was confirmed to be infected. In which the deceased had a cough, fever, and tiredness before receiving treatment And received a test result of infection on February 23 and died on February 28.

Picture from the Ministry of Public Health
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