Covid-19 could discover diseases such as diabetes: López-Gatell

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Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, said that it is not uncommon for a serious illness such as covid-19 discover a metabolic disorder in the case of diabetes that may already be present but has not been discovered.

The official commented that diabetes is a silent disease, that does not give any symptoms and that progressively over the months it begins to cause damage, reason why a serious disease could discover this metabolic alteration.

What is the diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder of glucose metabolism and excess glucose in the blood is deteriorating all organs, particularly the kidneys, retina, lens, sight and circulation of the feet.

The undersecretary of Health explained that independently of covid-19 it is well known that there is a delay in the knowledge of diabetes because there is a long period without symptoms.

He indicated that the main symptoms are thirst, people urinate frequently and can be hungry, but most perceive them late.


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