COVID-19 conspiracy theories, or everyone decides *

From Bill Gates’ chips to spraying planes – human stupidity has no end

“It’s a goal to be able to kill people. It used to be known that planes sprayed the infection, but now vaccines have the same condition. They say that if I’m not vaccinated, I’m sick, but I judge for myself. And when you look at me – alive and well. If we catch the fence, we will tear it off “, a man of indefinite age explained to one of the national televisions.

Another plot. “A boy got vaccinated. Then he puts a light bulb in the place where they stabbed him. And it lit up. I’m telling you honestly. On the other side puts – no. In another place he puts – no, in third – no. And where his vaccine is – it shines. There are just some scams. ” This is already shared by a woman from the same neighborhood.

At the same time, a man wrote on Facebook: “I am a businessman, I provide work for quite a few people. I recently got vaccinated with my whole family. When I showed up for work, several workers came to me and said, “Boss, please, let’s see if coins can really be stuck at the vaccinated site. I was dumbfounded! ”

These are just a small part of all the conspiracy theories that have been circulating in Bulgaria for a year and a half or two. Mainly through social networks and word of mouth, but it certainly does not help to “peel off the iron” (in the words of Lubo Penev) from the last place in vaccination and from the first in terms of mortality.

But still one of the most virulent, but also the most absurd is that the covid pandemic and vaccines

are invented by

the owner

from Microsoft

and one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates.

He told Reuters his astonishment at the scale of the “crazy and evil” conspiracy theories that were being spread about him.

In America and Europe, the so-called antimaskers (people who refuse to wear masks to counteract the spread of the infection) and anti-vaccines (those who initially reject vaccines and refuse immunizations) also claim that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation uses vaccines to mark people with microchips and to establish control over the world.

Gates sees social media as their catalyst. The billionaire, known for his philanthropic work, praises the changes in the United States and is optimistic about the development of the pandemic crisis.

In times of crisis, conspiracy theories such as those about camtrails (traces of planes in the sky) and the damage from 5G networks thrive. That’s why since the beginning of the pandemic, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci, have become targets of speculation.

“No one would have predicted that Dr. Fauci and I would be mentioned in malicious theories by creating a pandemic or trying to take advantage of it. “I’m very surprised and I hope this passes,” Gates said.

The billionaire, who left the business in 2014 and devoted himself to philanthropy, emphasizes the role

on social networks

to pass on

misinformation and rumors

“Do people really believe in such things?” We need to study this, understand how people’s behavior is changing and minimize it, or explain our goals, ”he said.

When he was president, Donald Trump recommended treating the virus with disinfectants and promised to fire Dr. Fauci.

Gates praised the change of course under new President Joe Biden, who returned the country to the WHO and preserved the valuable people of Trump’s time.

“They will benefit from Francis Collins and Dr. Fauci, who are great. “Sometimes they seemed to be the only sane people in the US government,” Gates added.

From the standpoint of a man whose foundation is involved with more than $ 1 billion and $ 750 million in fighting the pandemic, Gates is not worried about the future.

“Rich countries will emerge from the pandemic if up to 70-80% of the population is vaccinated. I am optimistic that the rich world will largely return to normal this year. If we help developing countries not to be a source of infection, this will be the beginning of the end “, the billionaire is sure.

The United States is already participating in the COWACS initiative, which aims to provide nearly 2 billion doses of vaccine to poor countries free of charge.

Here are the 12 most common conspiracy theories, misconceptions and outright lies about the pandemic and vaccines, according to the British newspaper “Mirror” and other media.

Kovid is not

more dangerous than the flu

Every year, the world goes through a flu epidemic that kills thousands of people. However, doctors are adamant that the symptoms and illness of COVID-19 are much more severe and the risk of death is higher.

Only the elderly

they drive it hard

The risk of serious illness and death increases with age. However, the last year has shown that many young people infected with the coronavirus end up in hospital and even die. Many countries around the world recorded their highest mortality rates in 2020 since World War II.

No cough

no coronavirus

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are cough and fever, as well as loss of taste and smell. However, the absence of these symptoms does not mean that you have not become infected with the dangerous virus.

Masks are harmful

for health

Masks have very little effect on the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Surgeons use them during long operations without any health problems.

Garlic and vitamins

protect against COVID-19

There is no scientific evidence that garlic or any other spice reduces the chance of contracting a coronavirus. The same goes for vitamins. It is also a myth that a bath of hot water drives away the virus.

5G internet

causes the disease

There is no logical way in which pneumonia or other diseases caused by the coronavirus are the fault of the 5G network. By that logic, countries that do not have a high-tech network should have fewer cases of COVID-19, but that is not the case.

Vaccines are not

tested enough

The rapid emergence of vaccines is undoubtedly the reason for many doubts about their effectiveness. However, scientists are adamant that the rapid development of drugs does not mean that they are not sufficiently tested in terms of safety.

They inject us with chips

Anyone who has chipped their pet knows that the chips are not inserted into the body through the type of needles used for vaccination. Despite rumors, there is also no evidence that vaccines modify our DNA.

The pandemic is one

great conspiracy

Many people love conspiracy theories. But to create a whole pandemic, millions of doctors, scientists and politicians are needed. Hardly any of them would go through all this just to help the new world order.

God’s punishment

The Kovid pandemic was given by God as a punishment for the sins of mankind. And only God through faith can give us true salvation. Vaccines and drugs against the infection they declare to be the creation of Satan and an inadmissible attempt by man to interfere in God’s affairs.

According to them, “Satan’s servants on Earth are trying to impose fascism and terrorism,” suggesting to people that if they want to protect themselves from the deadly virus, they must be vaccinated. Behind these messages, according to them, lies the great goal – to reduce the world’s population by 80%.

A few months ago, they said that schools would close last, but the opposite happened. Obviously, we are not interesting to current and future rulers because we do not have the right to vote. I think that those who run the country should have a position and offer a solution to every problem, and not their actions should depend only on what will bring them more votes.

Doctors do not help

on purpose

Antivaxers do not believe that in this situation with vaccination doctors help people. They work for the corporate interests of billionaires, helping them in their secret games to establish a new world order.

The coronavirus is to distract people from the “deep state”

The most destabilizing conspiracy theory comes from the organization involved, or rather the QAnon cult. According to its leaders, the world is ruled by a mysterious “deep state” – a secret group of pedophile Satanists who are in conspiracy with influential liberal politicians.

The QAnon cult originated in the United States in late 2017 and became extremely popular there just before the pandemic crisis. In 2020, he increased his popularity by mixing the main myths about the coronavirus with his basic theories.

According to QAnon, the “deep state” invented COVID-19 to justify establishing control over the world community. In addition, the pandemic has helped remove US President Donald Trump, whom cult followers see as the world’s main hope of victory over the “deep state.”

“2020 has become the year that has made QAnon a global problem. The cult sharply increased the growth of its followers, spreading coronavirus-related conspiracy theories, and also received the support of 97 candidates for the US Congress, “said The Conversation. According to him, only last year the membership of QAnon increased by 581%.

* Used instead of judging mainly by people who think they know everything because they have Facebook



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