Covid-19. China made experimental vaccine available, hundreds paid € 50 and sold it out in two hours

The scientific community around the world is racing against time in the search for an effective vaccine against covid-19, in an attempt to stop the pandemic ride. Nations compete with each other and there are already several candidates in advanced stages of clinical trials. China, the country where the first cases of infection with the new coronavirus were registered, decided to take the lead and did not wait for the approval of health entities to make available one of the four experimental vaccines that the country is developing.

A line of hundreds of people formed in Yiwu, even before the opening of the hospital located in the eastern city of China, willing to serve as volunteers, to wait for hours and to pay approximately 50 euros for the administration of the experimental vaccine.

The large influx made the stock sell out in just over two hours. Before receiving a dose of BBIBP-CorV, developed by the state company Sinovac Biotech, the volunteers were required to sign a term of responsibility to prevent possible side effects.

China decided to make the vaccine available to the population after an initial study, published in the scientific journal “The Lancet Infectious Diseases”, pointing out that the use is safe and capable of producing an effective immune response.

Beijing has already said it expects to launch a vaccine for covid-19 within three weeks, at a time when the country has four of the eight vaccines already in the third and final phase of clinical trials.

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