Covid-19 Can Cause Rashes and Discolored Skin

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A recent case study in New York, United States found infection corona virus (Covid-19) can cause rash and discoloration of the skin. This case study from the NewYork-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical College study was recently published in the medical journal, JAMA Dermatology.

In the report, a team of doctors analyzed skin discoloration in four severe Covid-19 patients aged 40-80 years. Researchers found that the patient had discolored skin and a lesion known as retiform purpura.

Some of the rashes found include red or purple fingers or toes, itching, bumps on the fingers, red rashes on the skin.

The results of the biopsy showed that the rash was a type of vasculopathy, which means it was affected by blood vessels. Researchers concluded that the discoloration of the skin represented partial occlusion or blockage of blood vessels and retiform purpura or complete blockage.

Researchers say the rash and skin discoloration can be clinical clues to blood clots in the body of a Covid-19 patient. A number of previous studies have found Covid-19 to be linked to abnormal blood clots.

Researchers say this case study has a number of limitations, ranging from not being able to confirm when the rash and other skin problems occurred. Researchers say more research is needed to find out similar problems in other Covid-19 patients.

The research team recommends that both Covid-19 positive patients and doctors treating them should be aware of changes in skin color and rashes as signs of abnormal blood clots.

In addition to this New York case study, doctors and researchers around the world have reported similar skin rashes in Covid-19 patients. Quoted from CNNResearchers at King’s College London recommend skin rashes on the fingers and toes to be among the main symptoms of Covid-19.

King’s College researchers used data from the Covid-19 Symptom Study application, which was sent by around 336,000 people in the UK. They found that 8.8 percent of people who tested positive for the coronavirus reported skin rashes as a symptom.

The research team then conducted a separate online survey of 12,000 people with skin rashes with suspected or confirmed Covid-19. The researchers found that 17 percent of respondents who tested positive for Covid-19 reported a rash as the first symptom of the disease. As many as 21 percent of people who reported the rash said the rash was the only symptom of Covid-19 they were experiencing.

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