Covid-19 can be transmitted up to 90 days after infection, expert alert – Executive Digest

A person who has contracted Covid-19 can continue to transmit the virus until 90 days after infection, even after he has recovered, according to the director of the Federal Surveillance Service on Protection of Consumer Rights and Human Welfare , Anna Popova, cited by the Russian agency ‘Tass’.

«Our observations currently indicate up to 48 days, while contagions have been observed up to 90 days abroad. A person who no longer has symptoms and who feels perfectly well, with excellent blood tests, can still emit the virus via the nasal route, ”explains the official at a press conference.

According to Popova, in these circumstances there is a great risk that the virus will remain functionally active. “That’s why [após a infecção ou recuperação], the patient can no longer suffer from the virus, but simultaneously become a transmitter of the disease, which is important », he defended.

The official said that there are still many limitations and little knowledge about viral disease, which makes it difficult to explain what the exact probabilities of a person transmitting the virus to others in these conditions.

Globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has killed more than 935,000 people in 196 countries and territories, infecting even more than 29.5 million.

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