Covid-19, Boccia: “Closure of the Regions? Nothing can be ruled out “

This was reported by the Minister of Regional Affairs during a radio interview. “We must defend work and health at all costs. Mobility between regions must be safeguarded, but the situation must be monitored day by day, ”he added

I casi di coronavirus in Italy they are increasing, just yesterday and compared to 24 hours earlier, the usual daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health reported 4,458 new infections, with 22 deaths. According to Walter Ricciardi, a WHO member and consultant to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, “we risk 16 thousand cases a day”, as said by the expert during an interview with Sky TG24. Among the measures that are rumored in these hours, to try to stem the spread of the virus, also that of the stop to mobility between the Regions. To talk about it, the Minister of Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia. “Travel restrictions between regions cannot be ruled out, nothing can be ruled out at this moment,” he said, speaking to “The Breakfast Club” on Radio Capital.

“Defending health at all costs”


Coronavirus in Italy and in the world, the latest news. DIRECT

“We have to defend the work and the salute at all costs. Mobility between regions must be safeguarded, but the situation must be monitored day by day. As soon as there is a warning light that comes on, it is necessary to intervene “, added Boccia, during the radio interview.” The rise in infections was predictable. Intensive care has been strengthened. These are different numbers than those for April, although the virus there is and we have to live with it ”, he stressed. “As a government we do not set any bar.” The Minister of Regional Affairs then touched on the topic of rapid tests: “It is not acceptable to wait hours and hours to take a swab. We need to strengthen health services, we are working on rapid tests so that they can be done anywhere”, he admitted.

The latest monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation

Meanwhile, data relating to the independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, notes in the week from 30 September to 6 October, on the trend of infections in Italy. Compared to the previous week, there was a clear increase in the trend of new cases (17,252 against 12,114). All in the face of a slightly higher number of cases tested (429,984 compared to 394,396), in addition to a significant increase in the positive / case ratio (4% vs 3.1%). From an epidemiological point of view, currently positive cases have increased (60,134 compared to 50,630 seven days before) and, on the hospital front, patients hospitalized with symptoms (3,625 against 3,048) and in intensive care (319 against 271) have increased.


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