Covid-19. Are the inhabitants of the South of France more reluctant to the vaccine? A study attempts to

Is France cut in two about the vaccination ? According to a study by the Jean-Jaurès foundation, the south of France that goes “From the Pyrenees to the south of the Alps with an extension in the Garonne valley” would be more reluctant to get vaccinated than the rest of the country.

In France, a triple vaccine fracture

The authors of this study are based on the work of Emmanuel Vigneron, health geographer at the University of Montpellier. He produced a comparative map of vaccination according to the territories of France which he corrected to go beyond the factor of the age of the populations.

From these figures, the authors of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation are trying to find several explanations for this vaccine mistrust in the south of France. The first is that this territory would be historically more rebellious and resistant to the State but also that it would be a welcoming land for neorurals, descendants and organic farmers, particularly in Ardèche or in the Pyrenees.

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Followers of natural or alternative medicine

“It is striking to note that with a few exceptions, this map of the development of organic agriculture is superimposed on the map of the vaccination index calculated by Emmanuel Vigneron”, write the authors. In addition, they note that these territories are characterized by a stronger appetite for natural or alternative medicine.

“It is no longer a question here of executives seduced by the Californian“ new age ”, but of neo-murals, retirees or members of the small middle classes who are treated by plants rather than by chemistry and vaccines, breaking with the consumer society and willingly distrustful of government institutions and large companies, whether pharmaceutical laboratories or telephone operators ”, analyze the authors of the study.

Political question, too

Last point to be taken into account according to the study, the coast which stretches from Perpignan to Nice is a territory where the vote for the National Gathering is very high. However, the voters of the RN are those who most express their distrust of vaccination.

According to the conclusions of the study, in the south coexist both environmentalists rather in the land and frontists on the coast with little in common. “A hyphen does exist, however, that of a very strong hostility to the” system “and a mistrust vis-à-vis state authority”, finally notes the authors.



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