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Covid-19, a record day with 294 thousand cases: 21 million in total

Covid-19, a record day that has just passed with 294 thousand people who have become infected in the last 24 hours alone.

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The Covid-19 continues to hit our planet hard, whether we like it or not. And now that the summer is well advanced and so many people are letting go, the virus is continuing to contaminate people and expand with unprecedented power. Even if we don’t notice it, the original disease of Wuhan it is by no means defeated, and it will not be before someone synthesizes a powerful and useful vaccine to make us immune. Yet more and more people, as well as politicians, influencers and artists, seem to simply want to ignore the problem and get around it. And so more and more conspiracy theories they take hold, and more and more skeptics prefer to ignore the advice of governments and the prescriptions of the World Health Organization. And the results, unfortunately, are sadly visible from the latest reports.

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Covid-19, a record day with 294 thousand new cases: 21 million in total

The numbers that are reported are very little reassuring. According to the latest estimates made by the World Health Organization, the number of newly infected in the last 24 hours is a record figure since the pandemic began. In fact, it would seem that from yesterday there would be well 294 thousand new people infected with the coronavirus. A crazy figure, which could push all governments to make important reflections and also to decide to move in a strong direction. Meanwhile, the gatherings increase more and more and people do nothing but get infected and catch the original disease of China. The total number of cases from the onset of the disease in December rises well 21 million infected people. A very high number, which continues to increase while studying a virus to save everyone.

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