Covered in Concrete and Barbed Wire: Pedestrian Access Issue at US Embassy in Jakarta


Front sidewalk United States Embassy (USA) covered with concrete and barbed wire. The Uncle Sam Embassy handed over this matter to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

This pressure originally came from the Pedestrians Coalition. They asked for the sidewalks on Jalan Merdeka Selatan, Gambir, Central Jakarta, to be opened and accessible to the public.

“We understand your concern about sidewalk access and pedestrian safety, and we invite you to refer to the Indonesian authorities regarding questions about reopening the sidewalk,” US Embassy Spokesperson in Jakarta, Michael Quinlan, told reporters. detikcomFriday (2/6/2023).

It is known that the office is directly next door to the City Hall of DKI Jakarta and the Palace of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. However, the sidewalk in front of the US Embassy was closed with a concrete barrier (MCB) for a long time.

said the DKI Bina Marga Office

The DKI Jakarta Bina Marga Service heard the aspirations of pedestrians who requested that the sidewalk in front of the United States Embassy (US Embassy) be opened. Bina Marga responded with the idea of ​​diverting pedestrian paths so they don’t pass through the sidewalk in front of the Uncle Sam’s Embassy.

“In the event that there is an area/pedestrian path that cannot be used, either temporarily or continuously, for example due to a construction work or an event that uses sidewalk space or other reasons, a pedestrian detour lane should be prepared (detour sidewalk) ) while still considering the aspects of security, convenience and affordability (safe, convenient, and accessible) for pedestrians,” said the Head of the DKI Bina Marga Service Data and Information Center, Wiwik Wahyuni, to detikcomThursday (1/5).

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Until now, pedestrians have to take the asphalt road because the sidewalk in front of the US Embassy is closed. The path is certainly not safe for pedestrians because the highway is used by motorized vehicles. Until now, the Highways Service has not mentioned the idea of ​​opening a sidewalk in front of the US Embassy, ​​but is thinking of making a pedestrian diversion route.

To implement this idea, the Highways Service felt the need to communicate with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) and the US Embassy first.

“Noting that in that area there are vital assets/objects of foreign countries, I think this needs to be discussed further with relevant stakeholders in the area such as the DKI Provincial Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassies of the foreign countries concerned to obtain an adequate pedestrian diversion route design. and meet the expectations of all stakeholders,” said Wiwik.

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