Courtney Cardashyan and Trevis Barker are also officially married

Courtney Kardashyan and Trevis Barker are officially married and are now married before the law.

The 43-year-old reality show star and the 46-year-old musician gave each other a word last Sunday, May 15, in Santa Barbara, California. Only close friends and both families were invited to the small wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony, the couple left in a black “vintage” convertible, the back of which was decorated with the words “just married”.

Courtney had chosen a white mini dress with a deep neckline for her wedding day. She complemented the dress with a traditional white veil that covered her auburn curls.

The groom has chosen a black suit for the wedding, which has been supplemented with a hand element – designer sunglasses.

The real wedding ceremony followed just a few weeks after the couple tricked fans into getting married in Las Vegas.

The couple managed to embarrass the fans when they booked a chapel in Las Vegas at two o’clock last month after the Grammy ceremony and exchanged an oath, the ceremony being led by an imitator of rock and roll king Elvis Presley (such a couple was the couple’s main claim!).

The mother of three children later admitted that the marriage ceremony had no legal effect and that the couple did not have a license to perform the act legally.

It is known that the couple is preparing for the third wedding party – a grand ball in Italy. A person close to Courtney and Trevis has indicated that the celebrations will follow “very soon”.

An anonymous news source revealed the following information to the celebrity magazine “People”: They had to get married legally first. Before the big Italian wedding, which will take place very soon. ”

“Everything is already planned and the whole family, including the children, is looking forward to the celebration.”

Trevis Barker married his beloved in October last year, a year after the romantic relationship began.

The musician fell on the same road on Miramar beach in Santa Barbara, the city where the two officially got married on Sunday.

Last Wednesday, the couple had a pre-wedding party in Palm Springs, California.

Cortney announced her engagement on her Instagram blog, adding a short and concise “For Life” photo of the beautiful event.

Travis is Cortney’s first lawful man. She previously had a ten-year relationship with Scottish Discus. During their cohabitation, three children were born – Penelope, Mason and Rhine.

Trevis Barker was married to Melissa Kennedy from 2001 to 2002, but was married to actress Shann Moakler from 2004 to 2008. The musician’s second marriage gave birth to his children Landon and Alabama.

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