Courteney Cox plays legendary turkey scene from ‘Friends …

Courteney Cox (56) has one of the most memorable moments of it Friends recreated. The actress, who played the character Monica on the sitcom, decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in a special way this year and reenacted the iconic turkey scene. Cox pulls out her best Monica moves with a turkey on her head.

Fans will recognize the hilarious moment from the 1998 episode “The one with all the Thanksgivings” in which Monica tries to cheer up her boyfriend Chandler by sticking her head in the bird and putting on sunglasses and fez to the turkey. It’s the first time Chandler has said he loves Monica.

Courteney Cox says in her video that fans love the scene so much that they see hundreds every year gifs of the clip will be sent to you during Thanksgiving. Other famous faces also loved the video. Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe in Friends, responded enthusiastically with “You did that !!”.

Friends celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. Normally there would be a long awaited year this year Friendsreunion on the tube, but the corona virus prevented that. Matthew Perry, who plays Chandler in the series, confirmed that the special will finally be shown in 2021.

Courteney ‘Monica’ Cox reenacts hilarious scene from ‘Friends’

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THIS IS THIS. A summary of Friends in less than three minutes

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Jonas Brothers remake Friends intro for 25th anniversary

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