Court imposes three life terms in liquidation process Eris | Inland

According to the court, Delano ‘Keylow’ R., Feno D. and Jermaine B. had a leading position within a criminal organization whose purpose was to commit liquidations.

According to the court, there are “strong indications” that Ridouan Taghi was the principal for most of the murders. Because he is not on trial in this mega-trial Eris and cannot defend himself, the court always stuck the word “presumably” in front of his alleged role.

The other 16 suspects were given sentences ranging from thirty to one year in prison. Two suspects were acquitted.

According to the court, there were actually two criminal organizations: that of Taghi, who issued the murder orders, and that of Delano R., who ensured the execution of the orders.

The members of the homicide organizations communicated with each other through encrypted messages that they sent each other using Pretty Good Privacy phones. Those reports “paint a shocking picture of an organization that was engaged full-time in planning and committing liquidations.” According to the court, the three leaders were all about power and money, and a human life meant nothing to them.”


The evidence against the suspects largely comes from statements by key witness Tony de G. He was himself involved in murder, threats and open violence. After the murder of Jair Wessels on 7 July 2017 in Breukelen, he concluded a deal with the judiciary, followed by a wave of arrests in November 2018. The court sentenced the key witness to ten years in prison. Without his statements, that would have been twenty years.

The defendant’s defense previously argued that Tony de G. “lies and cheats.” Reason for the court to say that no suspect has been convicted solely on the basis of his statements. In all cases, there was also other evidence.

In two cases in which the Public Prosecution Service had also demanded life imprisonment, the court imposed lower sentences. This happened to the oldest suspect, 74-year-old Greg R., who was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison, and to Willem B., who was sentenced to thirty years in prison. Not all the facts that these two men were accused of could be proven in court.

On Thursday, judgments will follow in the cases of two suspects whose cases were split from the Eris case. The Public Prosecution Service also demanded life imprisonment against Ferrel T. and Guyno O. for the murder of Justin Jap Tjong on January 31, 2017.

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