“Courage” publishes a seven-part video series with “Sister Notburga”

The nun from Hall in Tirol, who became known through her poster campaign, speaks in seven short video clips about warming the heart, dignity, fear, laws and helpfulness.

Vienna (OTS) The picture of a nun from Hall in Tirol who had put a banner on her monastery in protest against the recent deportations caused a stir on social media at the beginning of February. Numerous religious orders have since joined the campaign.

The initiator of the spontaneous poster campaign was Sister Notburga Maringele from the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Hall in Tyrol, who entered the order around 40 years ago. Sister Notburga visited the initiative “Courage – Courage to Humanity” and asked for a detailed interview about the motives behind her commitment.

About the “destruction in your own heart”

The result is a short video series consisting of seven episodes in which the nun speaks on the basis of her Christian worldview about the deportation of young people and the slum camps at the EU’s external borders.

“That also has fatal consequences for us. Augustine once coined the sentence: I can never do such a bad thing to my neighbor that it would be worse than the destruction that I cause in my own heart. Europe cannot do anything so bad to the refugees that it would be worse than the destruction they cause in their own society, ”said the nun.

“Then comes a social climate change”

“If we act like this, then there will be a social climate change. And then the warming of the heart does not come, but the cooling of the heart. And then we have to live in this society. And the next generation too. And we should also bear this in mind when we ask ourselves how we deal with these people, ”says Sister Notburga, explaining the principles of her actions in one of the videos.

In the video series, the nun speaks very openly, directly and clearly about existential issues such as fear, human dignity and helpfulness. “It was actually only supposed to be a short video, but Sister Notburga’s words impressed us so much that we couldn’t help but make a whole series out of it – so it ultimately turned into a small ‘MasterClass of Humanity'”, said Katharina Stemberger, the founder of the “Courage – Courage to Humanity” initiative, which has been campaigning for the rescue of people from the Greek camps since September last year.

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If you would like to know more about how the now nationally known poster was created, who took the popular photo of it, why a quote from Federal President Van der Bellen was selected for it and what else Sister Notburga has to tell us, the video Call up the series under the following channels:


The interview was conducted by Katharina Stemberger and Stefan A. Sengl, the film recordings were made by Tijl Bex and Esther Fischer was responsible for the editing.

Inquiries & contact:

Stefan A. Single
+43 664 3104409


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