Couple Surnamed Liu and Fang Murdered in Cold Blood by Mentally Ill Suspect in Hong Kong

A couple surnamed Liu and Fang were murdered in cold blood by a mentally ill suspect. (Picture / Reposted from Twitter)

The random homicide case in Plaza Hollywood that shocked Hong Kong. The 39-year-old Situ was suspected of delusional schizophrenia. On the 2nd, he bought a 12-inch long sashimi knife and killed 26-year-old Fang and 22-year-old Liu. Regrettably, Ms. Liu was supposed to attend the birthday dinner of her girlfriend’s parents and seniors that night, but the two died tragically by the knife on the way. The suspect was originally scheduled to return to the doctor on June 6, but unexpectedly committed a catastrophe three days before the doctor’s visit.

According to “Hong Kong 01” report, Ms. Liu and Ms. Fang met in a bar a few months before they were killed, and started dating more than a month ago, but their relationship developed rapidly, and they had met their parents long ago. It is reported that the opportunity for the two to meet was when Ms. Liu, who is also a bar waiter and hair stylist, met Ms. Fang who patronized the bar. The two also developed a relationship quickly because their parents divorced and they had similar backgrounds in social work.

Unfortunately, on the night the two were killed, they were supposed to go to a restaurant in Shicun to celebrate the birthday of Fang’s parents and elders. How did they know that Fang’s daughter was chased by the murderer first when she passed by Hollywood Plaza at 5 pm. He stood up and wanted to save his partner, but both were killed by the knife.

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The suspect, Situ Nan, is the younger brother of three siblings in the family. He lives with his parents and has been unemployed for 10 years. The three members of the family rely entirely on government assistance, but Situ Nan plays games at home all day. In 2020, the family member who attacked her was diagnosed with delusional schizophrenia and was hospitalized for 3 months.

According to rumors, Situ Nan applied to the hospital in August last year for not needing a follow-up visit, but after being rejected by the hospital, his personality became irritable, irritable and withdrawn. His parents also pointed out that this situation became more serious this year. God, cold-bloodedly murdered Liu Nv and Fang Nv, whom they had never met before.

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