Couple having sex in a church tower in Pilsen

The couple was spotted having sex in the tower of Pilsen Photo: Mestska policie Plzen

A man and a woman were caught having sex on a church tower in the Czech city of Pilsen, DPA reported.

A police spokesman said today that the couple was photographed with a phone by a visitor to St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, and was later caught at the “crime scene” by law enforcement.

The 37-year-old man and the woman, six years younger, said they had not seen each other for a long time and wanted to celebrate their gathering.

They had to pay a fine for indecent behavior in a public place. The incident took place on Saturday, BTA reported.

The church tower in Pilsen rises to almost 103 meters and is the tallest in the Czech Republic. The observatory in the tower, where the couple had sex, is almost 62 meters high.

Pilsen is famous for its brewing industry. The city, with a population of just under 180,000, is located about 90 kilometers west of the capital, Prague.


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